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Metallic Epoxy Fire Bar 

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Custom Designed • Handcrafted

Sculpture by Design Inc., has over 18 years of designing, building and hand coloring solid concrete countertops and table tops, furniture, fire tables and fire bars, showers, fireplace surrounds, hearths and mantels, statuary and much more.

 With new technology we have more options available to us then just solid concrete.  Today we use concrete overlays or epoxy resin materials to build new or resurface existing countertops, tables, showers, walls, floors, etc.  With these materials we can create the natural look of stone or exotic stone surfaces in virtually any color, look or theme.

 Weight no longer needs to be of concern with new technology. We have ways to lighten up concrete or we use special MEDX or Marine Grade Plywood  to reduce the weight factors without sacrificing the integrity of our products.

In our world of concrete overlays, epoxy resins and sealers we use high grade materials from companies that have researched, developed, time tested products. 

Reasons we use some of the best materials available:

Seamless Countertops, Showers, Floors, etc.

Stain Resistant  -   No Bacteria Growth  -  Food Safe Certified Sealers

UV Stable Non-Yellowing  -  500 Degrees Heat Resistant  -  Scratch Resistant

Environmentally Friendly Low VOC  -  No Resealing  -  Easy To Clean and Maintain

6000 psi Extremely Strong  -  Light Weight  -  Concrete is 1/8" to 1/4" Thick

Saves You Time, Demolition and Money  -  long Term Solutions

Updating Your Surface Years Later?  We Can Go Over Them Again!

Indoor or Outdoor         

Residential  -  Commercial  -  Industrial

Why Sculpture by Design, Inc.?

18 Years Of Experience In The Industry  -  Fully Insured  -  Workers Compensation 

Custom Handcrafted Artisans / Owners Made Designs

You Have A Choice Custom New Construction or Resurface Existing Surfaces !

Every project is truely one of a kind piece of art never to be replicated! 

Do you want your project to last for many years and to stand out from the rest?

 Call now or make an appointment to stop by our "Design Studio and Garden Displays"  and discover the possibilites! 


4115 12th AVE SW, Pine River, MN  56474

Shipping Available On Some Products

What Our Customers Are Saying

Tony and Brenda are so great to work with on any size project. Don't hesitate to ask about customized items for special projects you're doing. They aren't afraid to tackle those. Their pieces are often the first feature of a new project to elicit positive comments from friends, colleagues and customers.”

Lynn from Hutchinson, MN

We purchased a round stained cement table for our breakfast nook area 6-7 years ago and we still love it! We eat on it every day and it has held up great. And, we get so many compliments on it from visitors. Keep up the great work!

Kori from MN


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