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From interior to exterior design, residential or commercial, our artisan-crafted concrete overlays or epoxy resin materials resemble natural stone finishes but are much more affordable.  Our surfaces have the look and feel of polished stone, 100% non-porous and never need to be re-sealed.  The material we use is like having functional art in your home.  Whether you need custom updated countertops, showers, floors, patio, or even your garage floor, we will make it happen!  Environmentally friendly, very low VOC, materials that save you time, money, and demolition.


We can build new surfaces or go over most existing sound surfaces, such as; granite, marble, Corian, slate, Formica, ceramic, wood and concrete.  Sculpture by Design can collaborate with you to create statement pieces that are one of a kind, creating custom colors, themes and textures that fit your lifestyle, space and ideas.  We can create subtle or vibrant colors, metallic colors, smooth or textured surfaces.  Years later you need to update your surface again, we can go over our materials and create new looks with out ripping them out!


We use concrete overlays, epoxy resins and sealers on our counters, table tops, walls and floors.  We offer sealers that are NFS 51 (National Sanitation Foundation) Certified and Approved food safe sealer.  Our countertops are seamless solid surface for food prep which does not promote the growth of bacteria.  We have sealers that are heat, scratch, and stain resistant with low maintenance, easy to clean and will retain its finish for years to come.  UV stable, non yellowing.  Our finishes are strong with 6000 psi.  

Unique Solutions for any Home or Commercial Project

Building new or resurfacing existing surfaces!

  • • Countertops, sinks and backsplashes
  • • Table Tops 
    • Floors for the interior kitchen, living, bath, and basement spaces
    • Tub and shower surrounds, walk in showers
    • Fireplace surrounds, hearths, mantels
    • Epoxy Floors
    • Metallix floors
    • Wall coatings
    • Outdoor living spaces
    • Patios
    • Garage floors
    • Exterior steps, sidewalks
    • Wall Art and More!

Call now or make an appointment to stop by our "Design Studio and Garden Displays"  and discover the possibilites we can do for you!


Concrete Overlay or Epoxy Resin can be applied on new construction or existing surfaces and make your countertops seamless.  Applications typically take 5-7 days, depending on requirements needed.

Concrete Overlays:  we apply 4 coats of concrete at 1/8" - 1/4" thick with polymers and other materials specially designed for overlay.  Final coat is smooth or textured as requested.  Ater drying we then use our creative coloring techniques, let dry 24 hours then apply 3 coats of sealer.  

Epoxy Resin:  we apply special bonding coat, then 1-2 coats of primer material.  After dry we apply a coat of epoxy resin with all our creative coloring process, let dry 24 hours.  Apply final protection coat of epoxy.  Wait 72 hours and hone the surface for final look.

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