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Colors: unlimited possibilities Available To Fit Your Lifestyle, Space and theme

 Colors shown with Concrete Overlay or Epoxy or a combination of both processes.  These processes create a 3D like effect, with layers of many colors and /or textrues creating many different effects that the camera can't pick up, creating a truly unique one of a kind piece of art!  We can create subtle or vibrant colors, metallic colors, smooth or textured surfaces, whatever fits your lifestyle, space and ideas, unlimited possibilites.

Used on: counter tops, table tops, walls, showers, floors, mirrors, light fixtures, and more. 

We can go over most any existing surface or create a new surface with our products.  Not all colors are shown, custom colors are always being created, stop by our "Design Studio, Shop and Garden Displays" for more ideas!  

Call us now and let us create a masterpiece for your home or business!


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Sculpture by Design on Google Business

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