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Sculpture by Design Inc. has over 19 years of designing, building and hand coloring solid concrete countertops and table tops, furniture, fire tables, fire bars, showers, fireplace surrounds, hearths and mantels, statuary and much more.


With new technology we have more options available to us then just solid concrete.  Concrete Overlay or Epoxy Resin can be applied on new construction or existing surfaces such as; countertops, tables, showers. walls, floors, etcWe go over most existing sound surfaces, such as; granite, marble, Corian, slate, Formica, ceramic, wood and concrete.  We can make your countertops seamless.  Applications typically take 5-7 days, depending on requirements needed.

     Concrete Overlays:  we apply 4 coats of concrete at 1/8" - 1/4" thick with polymers and other materials specially designed for overlay.  Final coat is smooth or textured as requested.  Ater drying we then use our creative coloring techniques, let dry 24 hours then apply 3 coats of sealer.  

    Epoxy Resin:  we apply special bonding coat, then 1-2 coats of primer material.  After dry we apply a coat of epoxy resin with all our creative coloring process, let dry 24 hours.  Apply final protection coat of epoxy.  Wait 72 hours and hone the surface for final look.

    Concrete:  weight no longer needs to be of concern with new technology.  We have ways to lighten up concrete or we use special premium grade MDF Plywood or Marine Grade Plywood to reduce the weight factors without sacrificing the integrity of our products.


Sculpture by Design can collaborate with you to create statement pieces that are one of a kind, creating custom colors, themes and textures that fit your lifestyle, space and ideas.  We can create subtle or vibrant colors, metallic colors, smooth or textured surfaces.  Years later you need to update your surface again, we can go over our materials and create new looks with out ripping them out!

In our world of concrete, concrete overlays, epoxy resins and sealers we use high grade materials from companies that have researched, developed, time tested products.

Reasons we use some of the best materials available:

Seamless Countertops with Integrated Sinks - Showers - Floors - etc.

100% Non-Porous Solid Surface - No Bacteria Growth - NSF 51 Food Safe Certified Sealers

UV Stable Non-Yellowing - 500 Degrees Heat Resistant - Stain / Scratch Resistant

Environmentally Friendly Low VOC - No Resealing - Easy To clean and Maintain

6000 psi Extremely Strong - Light Weight

Resurfacing Saves You Time, Demolition and Money

Updating Your Surface Years Later?  We Can Go Over Them Again!

Why Sculpture by Design, Inc?

Unique custom designed seamless counters built on site or in our shop to fit your space, ideas and lifestyle!

Custom Handcrafted Artisans / Owner Made Designs

Every project is truly one of a kind piece of art, 3-D like designs never to be replicated!

Residential - Commerical - Industrial

19 Years of Experience in the Industry - Fully Insured - Workers Compensation

You Have A Choice Custom New Construction or Resurface Existing Surfaces!

Do you want your project to last for many years and to stand out from the rest?

Call now or make an appointment to stop by our "Design Studio, Shop and Garden Displays"  and discover the possibilites we can do for you!


Pine River, MN

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