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Tony & Brenda Thibodo

Tony and Brenda both have over 18 years of experience working with concrete products designing, buiding and hand coloring them.  Some of our design ideas come from our client's to fit their custom lifestyle and space.

We continually train and update our technology to make our products safer, stronger and better.  Our products are no longer just concrete but beautiful works of art as you have seen on our website.

We take pride in each of our projects, and we work with you or your representative to create a statement piece that will be unique to your lifestyle, space and needs. 

Call us now or make an appointment to stop by our "Design Studio and Garden Displays" and discover the possibilities we can create for you!

 218-232-0372          4115 12th AVE SW,   Pine River, MN  56474

Shipping available on most products.

Sculpture by Design on Google Business

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